Sidekick Girl

The Comic:

Sidekick Girl started as one of those, "wouldn't it be funny if?" discussions that kept being added to over time. Lore thought it would make a good comic. The problem with turning ideas into actual projects is that they take a lot of work. It was a classic instance of "Hey, maybe if we do this together, we won't flake out on it."

The Story:

Who hasn't wanted to be a superhero? Everyone's fantasized about donning a costume and using their powers to uphold justice (or make mischief). In Metro City, superheroing isn't a daydream, it's a career path. The hard part isn't acquiring powers, it's getting through all of the red tape in the superhero industry. And it all looks so easy in the movies...

The Characters:


Sidekick Girl Valerie (Val) Upton AKA Sidekick Girl
Status: Professional sidekick (Illumina)
Powers: Can't die (limited invulnerability), accelerated healing (not accelerated enough)
Likes: Helping people, Isauro, Guinness
Dislikes: Hero bureaucracy, girly clothes
Illumina Mackenzie (Mack) Jade AKA Illumina
Status: Professional Hero (Sidekick Girl)
Powers: Can float up to three feet off the ground, glowing.
Likes: Fashion, makeup, being Metro City's Brightest Star
Dislikes: Bad Guys, Books
Haze Hazel Abernathy AKA Haze
Status: Professional Sidekick (Impact)
Powers: Superspeed
Likes: Tabletop gaming, nerds
Dislikes: mean people
Tornado Boy Jasper Belmont AKA Tornado Boy
Status: Professional Sidekick (Cyclone)
Powers: Superstrength
Likes: Sidekick Thursdays, punching things, a good strong scotch
Dislikes: The cruelty of genetics
Puzzle Christopher (Chris) Leary AKA Puzzle
Status: Professional Sidekick (Maelstrom)
Powers: Confusion
Likes: Boys, NASCAR
Dislikes: Desk jobs


Maelstrom Drake Deveroux AKA Maelstrom
Status: Professional Hero (Puzzle)
Powers: Blue energy beams
Likes: Being rich, long hair, his youthful ward
Dislikes: working with others
Impact Dakota Stone AKA Impact
Status: Professional Hero (Haze)
Powers: Superstrength
Likes: Weightlifting
Dislikes: Unnecessary BS
Cyclone Marvin Compton AKA Cyclone
Status: Professional Hero (Tornado Boy)
Powers: Flight, wind manipulation
Likes: Silly costumes, nice breezes
Dislikes: Walking
Poison Dion Manatta AKA Poison
Status: Rogue Hero
Powers: Telepathy, Telekinesis
Likes: Silence, martial arts, vengeance
Dislikes: Speaking aloud, the Coroner
Ricochet Kyoko Manatta AKA Ricochet
Status: Deceased
Powers: Force fields
Kyoko was a friend of Val's and formed the hero team Ninja Twins with her brother, Dion. She met her end at the hands of the Coroner while she was chasing a fishnet ninja. She will be missed.
Myst Morgaine Washburn AKA Myst
Status: Professional Hero, owner of Mojo's Coffee
Powers: Elemental
Likes: Coffee, baking, Little Ro, her baby daddy
Dislikes: Starbucks, her baby daddy
Wolf Rowan Feldman AKA Wolf
Status: Professional Hero
Powers: Animal metamorph
Likes: mechanics, chewing up villains, fetch
Dislikes: Personal responsibility
Agent Grey Agent Grey
Status: Hero Agency Caseworker
Powers: unknown
Likes: Bureaucracy, paperwork
Dislikes: goatees
Detective Brown Detective Jared Brown
Status: Detective with the Metro City Police (5th precinct)
Powers: none
Likes: being bald
Dislikes: the vigilante
Dr. Grandpa Dr Grandpa
Status: Scientist
Powers: genius!
Likes: Bowties, his splashguard
Dislikes: Whippersnappers
Joh Joh Riley
Status: Civilian. Owner of Riley's Pub
Powers: Master of Mixology
Likes: Bartending, his husband
Dislikes: Boobs
Shield Sam Smith AKA Shield
Status: Professional Sidekick (Sword)
Powers: Absorbs energy to become stronger, smarter, and faster.
Likes: Sidekick Girl
Dislikes: Sword's puns
Father Mark Father Mark Hernandez
Status: Pastor at St Martin's Catholic Church
Powers: Holiness
Likes: Good beer, the Metro City Moose (MC's Hockey team)
Dislikes: Satan
Mr. Ferret Mr. Ferret
Status: Val's pet ferret
Powers: Too cute for words
Likes: Val, snacks
Dislikes: Val's closet


Coldfire Isauro Chavez AKA Coldfire
Status: Professional henchman (active)
Powers: Green plasma blades
Likes: Espresso, Val
Dislikes: His job
Agent Black Agent Black
Status: Villain Agency Caseworker
Powers: unknown
Likes: goatees
Dislikes: anyone with a blue card
Dr Wright Dr Wright
Status: Professional Villain (incarcerated)
Powers: None
Likes: Evil Science
Dislikes: The sinister left hand
Giant Robot Giant Robot
Status: Dismantled
Powers: Being a giant robot
Likes: NA
Dislikes: NA
Lady Dragon Esperanza Macedo AKA Lady Dragon
Status: Professional Villain (active)
Powers: unknown
Likes: Seducing men
Dislikes: good guys staying good
Clockwork Joe Clockwork Joe
Status: Professional Villain (decapitated)
Powers: anachronistic genius
Likes: Anything steampunk
Dislikes: His own head
Dungeon Master Adam Dungeon Master Adam
Status: Professional Villain (incarcerated)
Powers: A library of rulebooks IN HIS MIND
Likes: Playing pathfinder, heroclix, bbq
Dislikes: 4th edition
Robobutler Robobutler
Status: Robotic Villain (active)
Powers: being a punchcard and steam run automaton
Likes: His creator: Clockwork Joe
Dislikes: modern circuitry
Herr Hasslich Herr Hasslich
Status: Professional Villain (active)
Powers: being old and hateful
Likes: not much
Dislikes: beauty in all its forms
The Coroner The Coroner
Status: Professional Villain (active)
Powers: absorbing powers through post-mortem surgery
Likes: autopsies
Dislikes: worrying about anesthesia
The Vigilante The Vigilante
Status: Vigilante (active)
Powers: unknown
Likes: Fighting Crime, postit notes
Dislikes: Playing by the rules


Adam Adam Kohl
Status: Dungeon Master
Powers: A library of rulebooks IN HIS MIND
Likes: Playing pathfinder, heroclix, bbq
Dislikes: 4th edition
Amy Amy Payne
Status: Crafter Extraordinaire
Powers: The one minute doodle
Likes: WOW, Green Lantern, Franny
Dislikes: Not water water
Franny Franny Howes
Status: Academic Master
Powers: A scorching case of lycanthropy
Likes: Knitting, RPGs, Amy
Dislikes: Gluten
Jennie Jennie Breeden
Status: Creator of the Devils Panties
Powers: Has made her comic her business
Likes: flame boots, kilt blowing, Obby
Dislikes: Temporal limitations
Lu Lu Burns
Status: Coworker
Powers: Adorable and Chinese. She will crush you.
Likes: Working at 5am, nice clothes, Mr Burns
Dislikes: being subtle
Mary Mary Poirier
Status: Government Contractor (she has clearances!)
Powers: Infinite patience
Likes: Sewing, coffee, red
Dislikes: Office Drama
Erika Erika Wagner
Status: Creator
Powers: Photoshop Mastery
Likes: RPGs, baking, Red Wing hockey
Dislikes: Spiders and wasps
Lore Laura Cascos
Status: Creator
Powers: Wielder of Pencils and Inks
Likes: Xbox, Doctor Who, Thai
Dislikes: People hatin' on Detroit


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